Cristina Soto Sullivan, PhD

As a psychologist, I tend to work with clients who are experiencing grief/loss, adjusting to a new phase in life, addressing work/life balance concerns, hoping to build healthy relationships, and looking to feel more grounded in their various identities. 


Therapy with me will be collaborative and involve opportunities for you to gain support and receive feedback. I see the process of building a strong, safe therapeutic relationship as critical, so that you can bring your whole, authentic self to sessions. Together we will work toward helping you gain clarity, identify skills and coping strategies, increase confidence, uncover your resilience, heal, and build healthy relationships with others and with yourself. I aim to help you try out new ways of being, make changes, and cultivate a life that more strongly fits with your identities, values, and goals. 

My specialties are grief/loss, new transitions (e.g., college, professional), relationship issues, and identity concerns (e.g., cultural). I enjoy working with college students and other young adults. As a trauma-conscious, anti-racist, and LGBTQ+ affirming provider, I primarily use interpersonal and multicultural lenses in my work, though I also incorporate strategies and interventions from other approaches (e.g., CBT, ACT). 

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