Katt Cochran, PhD


As a therapist I seek to build therapeutic relationships that are genuine, supportive, nourishing, and collaboratively creative. I strive to create a therapeutic dynamic that honors a client’s strength and knowledge and is empowering for clients to work towards their therapeutic goals.


I value the opportunity to address a variety of issues with my clients, and believe the relationship/fit between client and therapist and the therapeutic style of the provider are the most impactful aspects of treatment. I often incorporate humor into the therapeutic space, and approach therapy with unconditional empathy, encouragement, and care, and have a warm but direct communication style. I practice from an interpersonal, feminist, and liberation-focused framework. This means I see clients as experts on themselves, and seek to empower individuals to enact change within their lives and systems. I am also actively assessing how systems of inequality and oppression have shaped a client’s lived experience, and the strategies they have developed for facing these systems, with an ultimate goal of liberation from and dismantling of systems of oppression.


I provide individual and group therapy services to adults and adolescents. I work with a variety of concerns with clients, including stressors related to life transitions, identity exploration and development, relationship concerns, anxiety, depression, grief/loss, and concerns related to traumas experienced, including intergenerational and systemic trauma.


I have several years experience working with college students and enjoy working with young adults navigating a host of stressors and identity concerns, as well as LGBTQ+, trans and nonbinary people. I also have experience providing counseling for trans and nonbinary people and in writing letters in support of HRT and gender affirming surgeries.  


I also have an interest in training and supervision of mental health clinicians, and enjoy working as a therapist for other therapists and folks providing clinical care for others.


If you believe what I have listed above may be a good fit for you, or if you have additional questions, please contact our clinic.

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