Daniel Huber, PhD, Psychotherapist

I am a child, adolescent and adult psychotherapist. Having worked in mental health for almost 50 years, I continue to find my interest in expanding human consciousness growing each day! To that extent, I also add meditation, alternative mental health healing, and consciousness expansion into my work with healing the wounded human spirit. I use such tools as the Mandala Assessment Research (MARI) instrument to help individuals explore, from a Jungian perspective, the different dimensions of human consciousness and assist in their journey of unraveling and exploring the secrets of their true nature. Helping individuals with the process of healing ancestral trauma and wounds is yet another aspect of the depth psychology work I offer for healing the human heart and soul.

I especially enjoy working with children and adolescents in groups. I specialize in play therapy/sensory motor training for a variety of clinical populations, mainly children/adolescents with attention deficit, spectrum disorders, attachment problems, obsessive compulsive disorders, and mood disorders. I offer multiple family group therapy programs as part of my practice, to teach family members more mindful ways to experience their relationships and enjoy a calm, playful and loving family life.

Along with specific disorders, I also help children and their parents work through the often troubled waters of divorce and separation. This was a main professional interest to which I devoted my Ph.D. research at the University of Wisconsin- Madison.

Mostly, I truly love helping others solve their unique dilemmas of the human condition. I try to do so in a validating, compassionate, innovative and caring fashion with all of my clients, to whom I remain devoted to serve and heal daily.

I also facilitate group therapy. Please see the GROUP THERAPY page for more information.