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Our Clinicians

The Lighthouse Clinic is a highly regarded group of clinicians and programs providing comprehensive and confidential treatment for a wide variety of mental health and chemical dependency concerns.

The clinic's experienced staff include psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, professional counselors, marriage & family therapists, and psychoanalysts.

Dana L. Becker, LPC

I work with individual adults 18 years and older, couples, and groups (both therapeutic and educational). Growth in emotional, spiritual, and physical health throughout life is an important value of mine.  The focus of my practice is on the wellness model of mental health and client empowerment, emphasizing human resilience rather than dysfunction.  I work with diverse populations living with various challenges and diagnoses, including ADD/ADHD, anger management, anxiety, bereavement, chronic illness/pain, co-dependency, depression, emotional eating, PTSD, pregnancy and social skills deficits.  Some areas of particular interest to me are the three principles of Innate Heath and parenting with Love and Logic.  

Michael Casali, PhD, LCSW, LPC

Generalist child, adolescent, and adult psychotherapy from a psychodynamic perspective. Also provides marital and family therapy, as well as parenting consultation and training. Specialization in child development and play therapy.

Misty Christensen, PsyD, LPC

I have extensive training in both cognitive-behavioral therapy and trauma-informed care and provide psychotherapy for adults. My practice focuses on bringing attention to the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and how that relationship can impact our lives.  Additionally, I strive to help individuals identify personal strengths in order to promote healing and well-being.  I work with individuals experiencing various life challenges including anxiety, depression, trauma, social skills, substance abuse, addictions, and forensic issues. If needed, I provide psychological assessment to help clarify clinical diagnosis or to help in treatment.

W. Hobart Davies, PhD

Provides psychotherapy, for young children, from the age of five, teens and through adults, including couples. Specializing in treatment of depression, trauma, anxiety, panic attacks, social skills, divorce, co-parenting, eating disorders, chronic illness, grief and domestic violence. 

Also practices at our office location in Wauwatosa at 118th and North Avenue.


Susan Doerflinger, MSW, LCSW, SAC

Individual and group therapy with adults. Specific areas of interest include depression/mood disorders, addiction(s), emotional eating/weight loss, grief & bereavement and domestic violence.

Sara Goetz, MS, LMFT

Sees children, 8 years and above, adolescents, and adult and marital/family therapy. Areas of interest include custody, divorce, parenting issues, grief, anger issues, domestic violence, bi-polar, chronic illness, OCD, panick attacks, PTSD, social anxiety, and sex therapy. 


Marjorie Hawkins, MD - Psychiatrist

General psychiatry with adults and adolescents (ages 16 and above). Assessment, medication evaluation, medication management and consultations. Postpartum depression.

Daniel Huber, PhD, Psychotherapist

I am a child, adolescent and adult psychotherapist. Having worked in mental health for almost 50 years, I continue to find my interest in expanding human consciousness growing each day! To that extent, I also add meditation, alternative mental health healing, and consciousness expansion into my work with healing the wounded human spirit. I use such tools as the Mandala Assessment Research (MARI) instrument to help individuals explore, from a Jungian perspective, the different dimensions of human consciousness and assist in their journey of unraveling and exploring the secrets of their true nature. Helping individuals with the process of healing ancestral trauma and wounds is yet another aspect of the depth psychology work I offer for healing the human heart and soul.

I especially enjoy working with children and adolescents in groups. I specialize in play therapy/sensory motor training for a variety of clinical populations, mainly children/adolescents with attention deficit, spectrum disorders, attachment problems, obsessive compulsive disorders, and mood disorders. I offer multiple family group therapy programs as part of my practice, to teach family members more mindful ways to experience their relationships and enjoy a calm, playful and loving family life.

Along with specific disorders, I also help children and their parents work through the often troubled waters of divorce and separation. This was a main professional interest to which I devoted my Ph.D. research at the University of Wisconsin- Madison.

Mostly, I truly love helping others solve their unique dilemmas of the human condition. I try to do so in a validating, compassionate, innovative and caring fashion with all of my clients, to whom I remain devoted to serve and heal daily.

I also facilitate group therapy. Please see the GROUP THERAPY page for more information.

Doris Johnson-Browne, PhD

Licensed Professional Counselor. Provides treatment to adults. Areas of interest include relationship issues, sexual assault, domestic violence, multicultural issues and mood disorders.

S. Shakoor Lee, PhD, MS, RN

Nurse/psychotherapist providing integrative psychotherapy for adult individuals, couples, and groups. Education and training in spiritual psychology, health and wellness, Jungian psychology, trauma counseling, EMDR, bioenergetics, breathing and relaxation techniques. Areas of interest include working with persons of diverse cultures and ethnicity.

Lisa M. Mann, MS, LPC, CSAC

Utilizes strength-based, person-centered therapy. Her expertise includes addiction disorders, axis II personality disorders, ODD, ADHD, anxiety disorders and depression, adjustment disorders, mood disorders, and trauma. She specializes in psycho-education in the following areas: self-esteem, co-dependency, anger management, cognitive distortions, criminal thinking cycle, healthy relationship dynamics, and challenging non-conductive behaviors. PESI certified in Trauma Informed Care and practices CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) psycho-therapeutic treatment.

Darcy McDaniel, LCSW, Psychotherapist

As a psychotherapist, Darcy provides clinical services to all age groups from children to older adults. Prior to JFS, Darcy worked with families with young children and infants as a Parent Educator and Care Manager in Louisville, KY. She later worked in a day treatment program with people with persistent and chronic mental illness in Grand Forks, ND, and in a domestic violence shelter and homeless shelter as an Advocate/Care Manager in Columbus, IN.  She specializes in: Individuals with serious and persistent mental illness, older adults, domestic violence, and divorce-related counseling. She also has clinical interests in women's issues, grief/loss, depression/anxiety, and parenting.

Jade Mueller, PhD

Hello, I’m Dr. Jade Mueller and I would like to introduce myself to those seeking psychological help for conditions, losses and circumstances that lead to anxiety, depression, relational problems or post-trauma symptoms. I offer prospective clients an accepting, non-pathologizing and empowering understanding of human lives. I strive to create a comfortable, safe and healing environment for clients of diverse backgrounds and cultures.


Over the past 20 years of practice as a psychologist, I have provided evidence-based treatment (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Internal Family Systems, Exposure Response Prevention) that can effectively accommodate clients with differing needs and preferences. I collaborate with clients to engage their own strengths, including their relational, self-care and spiritual practices which become part of a personalized plan for recovery. I primarily serve older adolescents, adults and couples, and provide psychological testing as needed to clarify the diagnosis and treatment a client may require.

Lonni Mueller, MSW, LCSW

Adult, individual, and couples therapy. Specializing in sexual difficulties, dysfunctions, and sexual abuse issues. Also deals with depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress. Psychodynamically informed therapy.

Enis Novalija, MD, PhD, LPC-IT, SAC-IT

Provides psychotherapy for adolescents, adults, couples and families.  Specializing in treatment of depression, anxiety, relationship issues, self-esteem issues, intimacy difficulties, trauma, loss and bereavement, emotional and sexual abuse, work and career problems, substance abuse and eating disorders. Extensive training in psychodynamic psychotherapy/psychoanalysis, dialectic behavioral therapy (DBT) and trauma-informed care. On account of his multicultural experience, particularly able to connect with clients from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

Lynn Ollswang, MSW, ACSW, LCSW

My focus is on resilience and helping people emotionally, physically, and spiritually.


I have worked with children and adults for the past 30 years. I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, psychoanalysis, interfaith/intercultural Issues, sexual abuse and the effects of trauma on individuals. I enjoy working with children 9 years and above, individuals and couples, people who have felt alone, have relationship problems, people who struggle with chronic illness, abuse survivors and group therapy for woman. In addition, I work with women who are pregnant or struggling with infertility.


I am a provider with the Lighthouse Clinic. My hours are Tuesday through Saturday 7am to 12:30 pm. I am in network with multiple insurance companies.


If you would like to set up an appointment, please call me at 1-414-964-9200 ext 205. Leave me a message including what you are interested in working on, your insurance company and name.


Thank you for reading my profile.


Lynn Ollswang, ACSW, LCSW, AAMFT and Psychoanalyst.

Please see the GROUP THERAPY page for more information. 

Nathaniel Ray, MD - Psychiatrist

Adult psychiatry, ages 18 and older.  Psychotherapy and medication management. Also works with AODA patients. 

Vicki Spaulding, PsyD, LPC

Specializes in treating anxiety, depression, CBT, and is also trauma treatment certified. She helps in identifying one's goals and values and managing difficult emotions. She helps in problem solving skills and coping strategies. 18 and over.

Dr. Spaulding also facilitates group therapy. Please see the GROUP THERAPY page for more information. 

Jan Van Schaik, MD - Psychiatrist

General adult psychiatry with a special interest in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

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